Abdominal Cancer Day
May 19, 2025


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The growing concern for Abdominal Cancer and its increasing rate of Cancer Deaths amplifies the need of making people aware of Abdominal Cancer. Gearing up with the initiative, Gastrointestinal and Bariatric Surgeon, Dr. Sundeep Jain launched an application named AbCD to impart complete knowledge about Abdominal Cancer that one should know.

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Abdominal Cancer Day

Let’s Fight Back Abdominal Cancer with Early Detection!

Early Detection is the key to fighting back Abdominal Cancer. So, through Abdominal Cancer Day, let’s create awareness about Abdominal Cancer and its types and make them ready to fight against it by identifying its symptoms in early stages and providing effective curative treatment.

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Understanding Abdominal Cancer

Awareness is the key to Save Lives!
Let’s spread the word together

Abdominal Cancer is the second leading cancer to cause the most deaths out of all. The abdominal area comprises seven organs, however, any pain or discomfort in that portion of the body is given the least attention. We need to have this day to make people aware of the gravity of any discomfort or uneasiness in this particular area.

What is Abdominal Cancer

Cancer develops due to changes in the DNA, also called mutations which results in the development of cancerous cells that grow in an uncontrolled manner spreading to other organs in the body. These cells then grow and develop, overcrowding the normal healthy cells in the tissue.

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Key Issues

Abdomen is the portion of the body in between chest and thighs and contains many organs including esophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver, gall bladder & bile ducts, colon & rectum and appendix. All these seven organs can get cancers in them and they more often than not are detected very late where their proper treatment is not usually possible.

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Abdominal Cancer and Covid

Covid itself is hazardous to human life and things get worse when a cancer patient gets infected with the Covid-19 virus. Hence, extra care should be taken if you are suffering from cancer as having Covid increases the risk of severe illness.

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From Founder's Desk

Dr. Sundeep Jain - Founder, Abdominal Cancer Day

Unfortunately, negligence to Abdominal Cancer is making it the second most common cause of cancer deaths out of all. It’s high time that people should get aware of Abdominal Cancer and identify its symptoms in early stages so that effective curative treatment is provided with a high chance of survival. Timely Diagnosis and Proactive Approach can bring down the death graph and help people bounce back to the normal and quality life after recovery. Hence, awareness is the key that opens up the door to survival among cancer patients. In this regard, Abdominal Cancer Day is observed on 19th May that focuses on making people aware of this deadly disease and helping people with early detection to reduce the risk of life with proper treatment. So, contribute to this noble cause and spread the word among the people to save more and more lives.

AbCD Team

The team behind the Noble Cause!

Our team is working tirelessly to bring down the cancer death rates by educating people about Abdominal Cancer and how it can be cured! Helping people with early identification of the symptoms and assigning a particular course of action for saving more and more lives is the agenda they are working on.

Dr. Sundeep Jain

Founder - Abdominal Cancer Day & Abdominal Cancer Trust Director & Head – GI Surgery, GI Oncology, HPB Bariatric & Minimal Access Surgery Fortis Hospital, Jaipur

Pt. Suresh Mishra

President, Sanskriti Yuva Sansthan

Mukesh Mishra

CEO, AU Bank Jaipur Marathon

Nareshant Sharma

International Jewellery Designer, Italy

Dr. Pramila Sanjay

Advisor, SIDART Ngo
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If you have a spark to bring a noble change to the world, then here is an opportunity for you! Let’s save lives by making people aware of Abdominal Cancer. People still have the terror of Cancer that makes them reluctant to accept the fact and go for treatment. Let’s come together to make them believe that suffering and death is not the last resort of cancer, it can be treated and cured if identified in the early stages. So, if you can dedicate your efforts to spreading the word about Abdominal Cancer and its types then our team is looking for you! Help cancer patients get the treatment at the right time by early identification of the symptoms and quick presentation to the specialist. So, effective curative treatment with minimal complications can be provided. Register through the form and join our tribe now to work for this noble cause as a volunteer.

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