The key issues about this problem of Abdominal Cancer needs to be understood. They are as follows:


  1. Lack of Awareness: People are hardly aware of Abdominal Cancer, its types and its life threatening consequences. This is the reason for delayed diagnosis & treatment.
  1. Delayed Presentation to the Specialist: Lack of awareness leads to delayed presentation of patient to the specialist doctor.
  1. Delay in Early Detection: Abdominal Cancers can be treated effectively when diagnosed in the early stages. But unfortunately, due to a lack of awareness and delayed presentation, early diagnosis is not possible in the majority of people, making it difficult to cure.
  1. Loss of life due to Delayed Diagnosis: Delayed Diagnosis of cancer in its later stages (3&4) reduces the chances of survival. That is one of the major reasons why it is advised to keep a close check on the symptoms and rush to a Gastroenterology specialist as people rush to a cardiologist in case of chest pain.
  1. Diagnosis in Late Stages of Cancer: Diagnosing Cancer in its late stages is the worst scenario a person can encounter. Reaching late stages means the person has the better chance of cure. Delayed Diagnosis reduces the chances to cure the disease and thus increases risk to life, prolonged treatment with more complications, high cost of treatment and higher chances of recurrence.
  1. Obesity: Obesity is one of the major causes that lead to Abdominal Cancer. According to World Cancer Research Fund (2007)- 35% of cancer pancreas and cancer esophagus, 28% of cancer gallbladder and 25% of cancer colorectum are attributable to obesity. Hence, maintaining a Healthy Diet and keeping a close check on your weight is important to avoid the risk of cancer.
  1. Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits: Hoping on to Unhealthy and Processed Food, poor sleep routine and lack of physical activity contribute to obesity which increases the risk of Abdominal Cancer. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle should be adopted to keep your body fit and reduce the chances of Abdominal Cancer.
  1. People’s Mindset: People are still terrified of the word ‘Cancer’ making it difficult for them to accept the disease and go for its treatment. Hence, it delays the diagnosis which in turn makes the situation worse. Hence, there is an urgent need to feed people’s minds with the right information on Abdominal Cancer and make them believe that it is curable if diagnosed in the early stages which is true for most diseases, not only cancer.


Overcoming these key issues can drop the ratio of cancer deaths caused due to Abdominal Cancer. Hence, Abdominal Cancer Day is an initiative to resolve these key issues and increase the survival rate with early diagnosis & effective curative treatment.


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