With the common occurrence of Abdominal Cancer and its increased risk to life, Abdominal Cancer Day is observed with the objective of educating the world about the seriousness of Abdominal Cancer and leading to early diagnoses so that more and more patients can be treated in the early stages.


Studies have shown that early detection leads to an increase in the chances to be cured, hence, making people aware of the symptoms and timely diagnoses will help in effective lucrative treatment that reduces the incidences of cancer deaths.


As cases of Abdominal Cancer are increasing day by day, it’s high time that people get to know about cancer and its treatment rather than just being terrified about Cancer and considering it as the last stage of life!


Dr. Sundeep Jain, Abdominal Cancer Specialist, while sharing his experience of past few years said that out of 10000 abdominal cancer patients, 60% patients are found to be on the last stage due to lack of awareness, 25% were on the third stage with high complications and only 15% are diagnosed at first and second stages who were treated with the curative treatments following the least reoccurrence rate. So, people need to understand that early diagnoses can only help to increase the survival rate and that can be done when people get aware of Abdominal Cancer. Decades ago, due to the complexity of the disease, it was quite difficult to reverse or treat the affected person but now due to immense medical advancements and knowledge, cancer patients can be treated if the problem is detected at an early stage.


Hence, Abdominal Cancer Day focuses on making more and more people aware of this life-threatening disease and saving lives through early detection and effective curative treatment.


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